No, this is a mobile application focused on streamlining the work of communication around changes in condition at SNFs, makes communicating across shifts seamless, paperless communication that is the documentation, thereby adding a whole new dimension to caregiver collaboration and efficiency.

TriageTRACE is a point-of-care application and a standalone system that brings leanness to workflows that are efficient and well recognized by Nurses and CNAs. EMRs are large information repositories that have daunting features that only software savvy administrators can use. In TriageTRACE, the communication is the documentation which can also be stored in an EMR, if desired.

We recommend using TriageTRACE as your communication backbone and the EMR as the medical file warehouse. TriageTRACE is different than eINTERACTTM in that it provides for real time carepath customization to fit you and your facility's needs. In clinical use, we have found that eINTERACTTM adds pages of documentation work to nursing staff that are often never seen or reviewed by physicians or peers. TriageTRACE brings those skilled assessments to life.

TriageTRACE takes seconds to set up a patient and eliminates hours of time wasted on inefficient and minimally effective communication processes that bog down your staff. Nurses surveyed on TriageTRACE note 75% reduction in time spent filling out SBARs and a 75% drop in response time. TriageTRACE upgrades your facility to a digital SNF 2.0 and with our Caregiver analytics, you can Champion quality care like a pro by providing personalized feedback to CNAs, Nurses and even Doctors!.

Anybody with access to the daily census can do this. At most facilities, the front desk/admissions coordinator onboards the resident, as they do so on other software or a senior nurse champion could do it. A nurse who has access to the census and would like to be a TriageTRACE champion works best as they value the time saved by TT.

Current EMRs integrating eINTERACTTM create situations where staff and physicians are faced with information overload and decision fatigue. Caregivers want digitisation to make their life easy, not add a steep learning curve at every step. TriageTRACE focuses on simplifying decision making, streamlining communications, eliminating separate documentation, into a unified process flow, thus making it easier for caregivers to deliver the best care.

The cost depends on the number of beds in the facility, varying from $10 to $15 per bed. This includes both structured closed-loop communication and real time direct messaging. This cost also includes Implementation, Mentorship and 1-on-1 training for all staff members. A validated staff cohesion improvement program is also conducted to show baseline and improvement post mentorship.

Our app is available on both the Apple and Google stores and supports all devices running Android and IOS. The app will work only after we create a dedicated facility for you.

Any senior administrator, staff or MD can download the TT app from the Google or Apple store and login with their credentials on their personal devices. They can make informed decisions remotely, read SBARs and see progress on instructions given to the nurse.

We recommend having junior staff use facility owned devices. We can provide help with the selection and procurement of devices, if desired. Exempt staff may use their own devices and are fully responsible for handling the sensitive information in public places. However TriageTRACE does not store any PHI data in the mobile devices.

No data is stored on the device, and there are two methods of protection.
  1. Auto-logout feature will prevent another person from accessing data.
  2. Single active login means that once the user logs into his or her account, it will log the user out of any other devices.

Administrators can remotely inactivate profiles from any internet connection through the web portal.

*INTERACT and related terminologies/philosophies are the intellectual property associated with Florida Atlantic University