Be it IOS or Android, cell-phone, tablet, or laptop, TT app works on your favorite devices.


Customizable care-paths are intuitively designed to mimic a physician's train of thought - Helping nurses file better reports and ask relevant questions to patients.


Real time, instant notifications make interventional care timely and prevents unmanageable circumstances.

By the bedside

With TT, doctors are a cell phone away from access to simple, meaningful, real-time nursing assessments, making informed decisions and delivering best care.


Customizable, HIPAA compliant, OEM implementation, to integrate with existing SNF IT infrastructure.

Express check-in

Triage Trace allows on boarding of new patients within the facility or remotely in a matter of minutes with minimal information.

Improved Communication

Doctors and Nurses have access to a history of S&W and SBAR forms to help make informed decisions, which in turn leads to minimization of unnecessary hospital readmissions.


  • Admit resident through web app
  • Mobile interface for CNA, Nurse and Doctor
  • CNA uses mobile interface to observe changes in resident and fills the S&W (Stop and Watch)
  • Nurse uses mobile interface to detail the observation using the SBAR.
  • Nurse/Doctors are notified on their mobile phones to bring the condition of the resident to their attention, for follow up action.
  • Doctor looks at the history of SBAR forms for the resident in order to make an informed decision to recommend further course of action.


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